I was quite tickled to come across the Lib Dems’ answer to the Labour / Tory spoof advert wars that have, as everyone except the small minority who don’t read the Guardian, live in London or have an interest in ‘what the bloggers are saying’ will know, set Twitter alight of late.

Labservative is a pretty inspired dig at the Labour / Tory homogeny of British government since… well, the Second World War. Sample sentence: ‘Of course, we don’t need a campaign at all – after 13 consecutive General Election victories we can be forgiven a smidgen of complacency.’

Lib Dem spoof advert

The general message – that change won’t come from the two party system, who have too much to lose to be too bold – is both amusing and sound. But it might be worth questioning whether the spoof advert boom – exemplified by the excellent MyDavidCameron.com – is really that good for public engagement in politics.

The Lib Dems have been commendably bold in directly confronting the fact that they are very unlikely to form the next government in any conventional sense. But it might not be in the long-term interests of a party whose entire selling point is nuanced, well thought-out policy to join in the convenient and dangerous oversimplification that ‘they’re all the same’: ultimately it just causes even more people to give up on the search for the best (or least worst) candidate.

This is only the second General Election campaign when I’ve actually been paying attention, and I’m drowning in soundbites here.

Still though. ‘Gorvid Camerown’. Pretty mint.

Edit: those funny old ‘libertarian Marxists’ at Spiked Online have taken a somewhat harsher view. Truly, if Jeremy Clarkson was a pretentious website, it’d be this one.

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